Cryptocurrency advertisement

More than half of visitors to crypto-related websites are using mobile devices. A reliable mobile-first crypto ad network is required to reach this audience. Google Adsense is still the most widespread app ad network. However, it has been a very controversial decision. Some users believe the advertising system allows Google to manipulate search results. Even though Adsense will pay you for every click you generate, you cannot be sure if these results will be placed next to your ad.

Cointelegraph has created a list of 5 reputable mobile-first cryptocurrency ad networks that make use of Google Adsense. You can get started immediately with this guide.Mobile

AdDuplex is a widely-used mobile ad network. It has millions of users and allows advertisers to display ads across many different crypto-related websites and blogs

Popular Crypto Advertising Platforms – A blockchain-based media network that specializes in creating, implementing, and serving blockchain-based native advertising and banner ads.

BitManage – The only universal digital asset management platform that supports a wide range of altcoins, ERC-20 tokens, Crypto Products, OpenLedger, Launchpad and Bitcoin software.

Tickers.Club – An ad network dedicated to the trading of Bitcoin, Litecoin and other popular Altcoins.

AdRank – A Bitcoin ad network allowing individuals and merchants to get exposure on a worldwide advertising network.

This ad network specializes in facilitating native cryptocurrency ad placements to your sites and other services.

Adxn – The mobile advertising marketplace of the future that connects brands to potential customers through engaging digital ads.